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tv   [untitled]    April 9, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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location and is the real jewel to the community. >> ready to develop your photography skills? the harvey milk photo center focuses on adult classes. and saturday workshops expose youth and adults to photography classes. >> good morning and welcome to the county transportation authority. my name is john avalos, the chair of transportation authority. the clerk of the committee is erica chang. we are broadcast today. madam clerk could you share any announcements? >> no announcements. item no.
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1, commissioner breed, campos, present, commissioner david chiu, absent. mr. cohen, absent. kim absent, mar, wiener present. yee, absent. we have a quorum. >> very good. call item no. 2. 2013 meeting. >> comments, questions on the minutes? public comments open. no. 2. no member come forward we'll close public comment. commissioner breed and without objection. >> next item, please? >> this is information item.
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>> good afternoon, colleagues. hopefully my voice will work this morning. i want to thank lombardy for these note. there were two issues to be addressed at the federal level to provide funding for the federal government through the end of the fiscal year and sequestration. congress passed a continued resolution to provide funding through the end of the budget year through september 2013. congress approved funding at the map 21 at the federal transportation bill funding levels, however this is a presequestration. the sequester official took effect on march 1st. however it taking time to find out how to federal budget cuts will affect
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individual programs and projects. handful of programs funding by the general fund, the central subway project. unlike other programs which are safe from sequester, the new start program is expected to receive $100 million for the current fiscal year. we continue to work closely with the sfmta for subway and work on ways to keep the project moving should federal fund be delayed. on the local front we are trying to confirm a date for transportation workshop now into early may. i encourage fellow commissioners to attend and this will provide an
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opportunity for investment scenarios for the plan. on a related note, early this morning, the director, myself attended the task force. the mayor has set an ambitious goal to priorities recommendation for this fall. a collaborative effort of the work coming on on the transportation plan. also attended the meeting today were commissioners chiu and wiener and to discuss the level of the focus where the transportation task force works on capital projects and operations as well of the mta. that was something that supervisor wiener was very thorough about explaining this morning. lastly on the executive director recruitment effort,
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the personnel committee met on the hawkins company to provide selection with a permanent executive director. i met with the group last week and i believe meetings are being scheduled with different members of this body so i encourage you all to make the effort to meet with them and provide your input on your vision for the authority and what the new executive director could be like. that concludes my remarks, thank you colleagues. >> if there are no comments or questions we can go onto public comment. seeing no other member come forward we'll close public comment. madam clerk call the next item. >> this is an information item. >> good morning, acting executive directors. the executive director's report should be on your desk. i will keep this brief because i want to save a minute for a quick demonstration we talked about
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last month. following on the chairs remark with respect to the federal funding situation, i want to provide a little context with respect to project. it has a grant agreement from the federal transportation administration. under a normal circumstances, the amount that is to be received each year is subject to the annual budget appropriation process, at the end of the year there is a likelihood that mta may not receive the funds as we expect. that is why we've been working from the get go to try to make sure we have finances in place if the fund come in slower to meet the needed cash flow. mtc, the government have released the regional transportation plan known as
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plan bay area. that's up for 55 period. the environmental impact report is scheduled for released on march 28. there is documents on the website. there are a number of events going on around the region. we have an open public house on thursday april 11, on 1231 market street. we have the public hearing requirements on sb 375 and also reach out to a number of community based organization counties in san francisco. the chinatown community development center and department staff have been attended those meetings as well to help explain how plan bay area relates to the planning
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efforts going on in san francisco. cal trans, let's give a quick heads up. i expect to come to the plans and program committee shortly. the process is under way for the transportation. through the mayor's office we have prepared a comment letter on the scoping for the environmental document for cal tran. a year ago this body of executive directors signed a northern california high speed memorandum you mean agreement. in the peninsula quarter which is a blended system of cal trains and high speed rail operations. the first project to get funded, and the project control project, they are three different names but tightly
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linked together. san francisco and sat san mateo and we are working with the mayor's office in identifying what sources could be used to do that. this is really in two different options. we have some commitment sometime this spring because we have the contract on the positive modification of the project. the program is in late 16, 17, 18. the san francisco transportation plan that we can identify potential
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new revenue source for the project. the city parkway project i want to announce the project has attracted two more awards and i want to thank the organizations for those projects. it's women's in transportation seminar both at the local and national level. that award will be presented at the national conference in philadelphia this may. the projects also is awarded the bay area real estate bay area of the year by the san francisco times. i would like to thank these organizations for honoring the projects and it would not have happened with the leadership of this board and our funding partners and all vendors working on the project. last thing, if you want to come up to get ready for the map presentation. the transportation plan is moving quickly and the final phases are coming up with our final
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draft. we have seen some level of revenue sources. there is a lot of information coming on and we are trying to schedule a board workshop in may. i do want to recognize from our cac, chris wad, on march 21st which we attended. the last two items on the map are growing out of plan bay area. specifically a one bay area of grant program. a requirement that the management agencies and planning departments worked together on a transportation investment and growth strategy. this is really intend today help the priority development areas, those are the areas that were self nominating to help them mature and forget what their plans are from the land side and from the transportation side. eric
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myers has an update on that strategy and we'll have a draft approach to the strategy and we have something to turn in by may 1st and a come back with a revised strategy. i think with that, i'm going to skip a number of other highlights to allow principal planner to give you a quick preview from the interactive map that will be up on our website by the end of the month. the web link. this is intended to do a number of things but to improve transparency and accountability and to be a useful tool for the board, project sponsors and the public alike. you can go in there and enter any address in the city and see all the
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projects nearby or all the projects to be completed in 2010. it's a very user friendly website. we have received many great comments from sponsors. we are working to improve it, but we want to give you a quick snapshot on how this will work. >> just wait until this comes up on your screen. if you see in front of you on your screen is splash page explaining what this feature does. you can click on several places and it will take you to the map. i will company a basic couple searches that you can do. these are all active projects. we hope to put more on the map to
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feature all the of the prop k and all other funding sources we use. just very quickly searching by district, district 1, you can see a map pop up with all the projects in the district. you can always reset the map from it's home state and check by several different funding sources. you can search by project types and do all the bicycle projects that are currently funded. you can search by project sponsor, buy time line to see when projects are going to be completed. probably the most popular feature is searching by address. i will type in the address. you can see all the projects within a half mile of that address. you can type in any address in the city and have projects within a half mile, a mile, two blocks or two miles.
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you can have all those features and let me click on one of the projects to show you what is included in each one. so when you click on any points in the map, this information will come up. the type of project, the location, the sponsor, the main funding sources and the current phase of that project and when the expectation date of completion. the process for all phases, design and construction. if you click on the project title, it has more information towards that project. >> i'm going to cut you off there. it's password protected for a couple days. we'll get it up this week. i just want to
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thank our staff for doing this and wonderful interns. anthony adams who is no longer with yours. that concludes my remarks. >> thank you. lombardy any comments or questions? we can open public comment on this item. any member would like to comment? seeing none, we'll close for comment. >> next item. >> state legislation, an action item. >> colleagues, this is from the finance committee, any comments or questions, we'll go to public comment. seeing none, we'll close public comment. >> vote please. >> commissioner campos, chiu,
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kim, mar, tang, wiener, item passes. >> next item, please. >> increased amount of professional services of contract for the $395,000 for planning urban designed, conceptual engineering and outreach and better market planning and studies. contracts terms and conditions, this is an action item. >> very good , thank you. i know this was an item that folks wanted to come back and bring new information for us. we have from the department of public works, mr. new. welcome. >> thank you for allowing us to come and present. at the last
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meeting i wasn't able to make. the request is to amend the contract for better market street to ship some funds of the contract to consultants who are working on the project to allow them to begin looking much closely at the three schemes that are being put forth for better market street. >> okay. colleagues, any comments, questions? >> okay. let's go, if you have no other parts to present? >> at the meeting, i think our request was also made for what near term projects the city could do on market street before the while this project is going through environmental and implementation phase. so i can present what those projects are?
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>> okay. some of my colleagues had questions about that and perhaps they have been consulted. my office has been as well. if colleagues would like to hear that presentation we can request it. i'm not saying that anyone is calling for it. we can go to public comment. thank you for being here. >> commissioner chiu. >> i appreciate the work that staff has done on the slate of some of the near term projects that have been laid out as i expressed to you in our meeting the other day. i wonder, have you been able to present this to stake holders who care about market street. have you sat down with pedestrian, advocates, cycling advocates because i know what we have in documents so far. >> that request is with the team and in the planning and
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some we'll be able to work on and the other ones we'll go to explaining and why those are not feasible. we might not be able to implement that. >> when can we have a discussion about those near term projects after you had a chance to sit down with stake holders. >> it can happen within the next 18 months. there are some concerns of funding of some of those projects. we can do that in the next week or so. >> when would be the next official check in here at the market street project. this is also in part of question to colleagues, i know there have been a number of hearings scheduled on market street and
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wonder if there is a next natural check in to talk about this? >> we have a last full ta meeting, we had a presentation but it was cut short by bumping into our meeting. wiener has had a discussion on market street. >> i called a hearing but want to make sure the hearing is meaningful so it's not a repeat. so probably more like in may or late april or may we do that just to make sure that there is some progress that's been made. >> commissioner chiu. >> let me sit down and get a briefing of where that conversation led up in part because the finance committee has been asking for the last two years to make additional incremental expenditures for a
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variety of many consultants that we have on this project and there has been a sense of not seeing the progress we have wanted to see specifically around some of these near term projects. i'm okay with moving out this item today but would very much like perhaps in an about three weeks to get a summary of those conversations with those stake holders and understanding of why certain things were included and why certain things weren't which may require another conversation depending on that final list but certainly look forward to further conversations about that and plan to sit with wiener to talk about the next steps on this program. >> okay. thank you, commissioner chiu. commissioner campos? >> thank you mr. chair and mr. newark for your presentation. what i have is to make sure whatever happens is that there
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is as much community input what we do on market and mission street on some ideas that have been put around for mission street. i feel unfortunately they have not included enough input from the residents and folks who will be impacted by what's being proposed. so i look to being part of this discussion. it's not just relevant on what happens on mission street on this part of down and district 6 area but it also impacts what happens with district 9, 11, other districts. i do have a question, though, there has been talks in the past about having rapid transit on mission street and i'm wondering how that fits into what is being proposed, being talked about for market street and mission street here? >> i think i would ask the mta
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to respond to that. >> andrew lee, transit planner. right now the mission street is not one of or corridor but it will affect the streets as well as the outside better market street study area and we are coordinating our efforts to tell the public exactly what will happen because if the mission street concept for better market street goes in, it will preclude the improvements. >> okay. i don't think we should not consider it down the road.
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i think going down this path could conclude that if we decided that was an option. thank you. >> okay. thank you very much. we can open this item up for comment. any public wish to come forward? >> commissioners, i'm the market street design advisory review committee. i think that this is something like the difference between tactics and strategy. the tactics here are the near term and short-term five year which is absolutely essential. they show that something is happening and i improve market street for the city. i ask you not to forget the strategy that sometimes is
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lost in the federal government and that is in the 2040 concept. dpw and the planning department do have to get together along with mta and consider what's going to happen on market street in the long-term. in the strategy situation aiming for 2040. so as much as what we do now is absolutely necessary, it helps the city, it helps the citizens and helps the economy along market street. we have to keep the 2040 or further in mind all along. so that type of planning and funds and personnel for that planning has to be kept in mind. thank you. thank you, commissioner miguel? >> next speaker please. >> good morning, commissioners, my name is tom for the
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coalition. greater part to all of us by coalition. i just want to clarify that we have not yet received feedback from the city on our ideas for near term and pilot i am improvements, although we do expect that we'll be hearing from that project team shortly. so we will definitely keep you in touch in terms of our thoughts and reflexes -- reflections on those ideas and keep you informed. thank you. >> thank you very much, any other public member would like to comment? seeing none, we'll close for comment. you'll can >> can we take this item? >> one of our colleagues had requested a summary of all of the different expenditures for all the different consultants
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on this project. could i ask where that summary is? i haven't seen it come across my desk. >> so we did bring a summary of all the work that all the consultants have been do you think and i also believe -- >> do you have a document that you could give to us? >> the blue >> got it. thank you. >> that table has all the descriptions and various task as what the deliverables are and we are about 85 percent complete with the consultant work. >> do you ever breakout by the consultant themselves. i know there were a dozen consultants
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that you were working on this. >> we can get that to you. >> if i understand things correctly, i think we understood in committee that what you were asking for was an in in the total budget and subsequent to that it's actually shifting money around in the budget? >> yes. we are shifting money to provide more money #20 so they can finish that project. >> if you can get that to me, that would be helpful. >> thank you. >> okay. we may have a new house. we'll do roll call. >> commissioner avalos, breed, campos, chiu, cohen, ferrel, kim, absent,